If you'd like to begin a commission the process is very customer driven.  Use the contact link and send us an email describing what type of project you're interested in.  Pictures are helpful.  We will discuss an overall style of the project, wood species choices, stains if wanted, and type of finishing that fits best with the look and function of the piece.  We do our best to include special details and to fit each piece to the owner. 

We will then hand draw the project and email you the picture with a quote.  Typically we ask for half down to purchase all of the materials.  Most dining tables take between 4-6 weeks depending on size and complexity.  Other projects generally take 2-3 weeks.  We will send picture updates of the order throughout the process. 

For projects that will be shipped, we have a commercial vendor that ships based on weight alone, which keeps shipping costs very low. 

Live edge table orders:  Every slab is unique and there will be no way to replicate a previous live edge table.  However, you can explain what qualities you like about certain slabs, and what type of wood and options that are available, and we can find a slab to match your style.

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