About Us - Who We Are

Keena Heaton 

I started woodworking and welding about 5 years ago.  I quickly developed a passion for the work and learned everything I could.  After several of my friends and family suggested that I could have a successful business, I decided to start K. Heaton Design and do what I love.  It's been amazing, and delivering finished pieces to the customer and watching them light up, or getting their feedback after their piece has been delivered has to be one of my favorite parts of owning a business like this. Solid wood furniture made to last a lifetime is rare these days.  

I use plenty of modern tools, but I especially enjoy using the old style hand tools like hand planes, chisels and spokeshaves. There is more satisfaction for me when the piece is finished knowing it has your own personal touch and that it was truly made by hand.  

Live edge is my favorite type of project. Nature is the true artist in these pieces. It's amazing to see some of the intricate details that nature had hidden inside these trees once it is finished, every single one is unique.  

Gary Heaton

My dad Gary has been building and installing for over 30 years, and has recently became interested in furniture making.  He has an eye for structure and a builders mindset.  He's a perfectionist, things must be right every time.  It's nice to have a different view, different ideas, and a new way of thinking when it comes to problem solving.  Live edge is by far his favorite type of project.  Watching it come alive and progress is his favorite part.

Shop Dogs - Axel and Scout

No shop is complete without 4 legged family.  They inspect work once it's finished and wag their tails with approval.

K. Heaton DesignAbout Us - Who We Are